NOT Your Mama's Paper Mache!

The Magic of Paper Mache by A. Kelly Richard

Many of us have fond memories of creating Paper Mache objects in grammar school.  Throughout history, Paper Mache has been used to build small objects and for decorative purposes.  In ancient Egypt, coffins and death masks were made of Paper Mache.  It was used to make small boxes and trays in Persia and Kashmir.   Paper Mache is frequently used to construct large sculptures on Mardi Gras floats.  Today, many artists around the world are exploring it's versatility.

Paper Mache is made by gluing together pieces of paper or pulp, placing it on a form or surface and letting it dry.  Once dry, the sculpture can be sanded and painted.  I have brought the process of making Paper Mache into the 21st century.  I use air-dried clay combined with epoxy to create my sculptures.  This process allows me to make realistic long-lasting art work of weight and substance.  This is "Not Your Mama's Paper Mache!".

Why create in Paper Mache rather than in more traditional mediums like stone or bronze?  The Paper Mache sculptures which I create are light in weight and are much easier to handle than other mediums.  Paper Mache is a green product.  I  use recyclable materials to create the forms for my  figures.  And finally, the Paper Mache allows me to use my classical training in  sculpture to create whimsical works of art.